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The data reproduced on the Ubiwan system can also be accessed and re-used at desired via the Ubiwan API library. Open, stable and documented, it serves to recover all or part of data processed by the system and re-use them in other sectors. Our API documentation is readily accessible online.

How to acess your data ?

This is a Rest API that delivers data in JSON format. Those data can then be integrated into your computer system, to be use in your business software, an ERP, a mobile application or any other application. All of your fleet data are thus freely accessible via our API library. Secure data transfers are ensured by use of the https protocol. Ubiwan API’s can be used to process and recover the following types of data related to the location of a piece of equipment: its movements, movement and operations logs, alarm triggering, environmentally-friend driving, etc. More than 50 types of data are currently accessible via Ubiwan API’s.

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