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Who are we ?

Discover the story of Ubiwan, an expert in real-time geolocation.

Who are we ?

Founded in 1991, Ubiwan enables its clients to obtain maximum efficiency in monitoring their fleet and managing their equipment assets by tracking their vehicles and heavy machinery. Our goal is to help you find solutions and manage your fleet so as to obtain better cost control. Using Ubiwan’s systems, you get real-time information about how your vehicles are used. Based in Bordeaux, Ubiwan works with more than 300 clients for the geolocation of more than 7,500 business vehicles and pieces of heavy machinery, in France and abroad. A partner with other major geolocation entities, we go all out to provide you with our experience in on-board tracking systems.

David Babin,  CEO &   Alexis la Rougery, Executive Director

years of experience in geolocation

vehicles and pieces of heavy machinery connected in real-time

Our principles


50% of our staff work daily on R&D in order to improve our systems to meet your needs. Our goal is to offer you innovative applications.


A Specialist Account Manager is assigned to you and will answer all of your questions. Choose Ubiwan and get personalised assistance to meet your needs.


We are independent, reliable and French! In short, the top of the line in telematics.

Our story


 DMIC develops software at the request of its various clients.


DMIC becomes a software publisher and obtains its first clients thanks to geolocation.


 All of its busines operations depend on its GPS monitoring product ans its development of sensors suitable for use in the field.


The systems are given the name Ubiwan, and the sensors come to be known as Ubispot. Ubiwan develops Ubispot 3, for a construction Company.


Ubiwan wins the prize for innovation at the “BTP Intermat” construction equipment trade fair.


DMIC becomes Ubiwan, and its visual identity is given a new look.

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