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Keep tracking records of operations using geolocation logs to

Plan ahead for maintenance operations 

Reduce client legal claims 

Ensure your drivers drive responsably 

Geolocation logs mean better performance!

Ubiwan offers you a key tool for managing your business operations, geolocation logs. Store 30-day records of routes covered, travel times, stopping points and times, and enhance your business plan!

These are useful in-house to manager your staff, and externally to show clients you keep things in line. Geolocation logs allow you to keep tabs on your drivers and reduce the number of client legal claims. Ubiwan can save you time and money!

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Discover the functional features of your geolocation logs​


Use Ubiwan’s geolocation logs to plan ahead for maintenance operations and keep your fleet in good running condition Mileage, uptime, idling time, and route travel times, are all data you will receive than enable you to enhance your business operations accordingly. In addition, our geolocation logs can be used to certify proper driver conduct to your clients. By having this data recorded, you can prove your compliance with regulations and delivery times. Use Ubiwan to minimise the number of client legal claims. 

  Points of interest 

Warehouses, suppliers, or delivery points, whatever your points of interest may be, check out the key statistics from you geolocation logs that will allow you to enhance your business operations. Numbers of stops made, stopover times, number of vehicles passed, passing frequency, etc.: Ubiwan can help you understand what’s happening with stops at your given reference points.

Speed up loading and unloading, and reduce down-time at your points of interest. Associate your most frequently used points of interest to save travel time. Analyse and put your data to use, then make decisions!



Check the statistics on your driver’s driving habits. Ensure your drivers act responsibly by making them aware of environment-friendly driving practices to minimise the amount of acceleration and braking. More responsible driving means safer driving. Keep your drivers safe with Ubiwan. Our geolocation logs also give you access to your drivers’ performance levels. Motivate your drivers to be more efficient by rewarding their adjustments and improved performance levels.

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Improve your fleet management using geolocation logs.

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How do geolocation logs work?

Print out or export the data transmitted to our Ubiwan system from sensors installed in your vehicles. You can thus keep tracking records of operations done, such as monitoring transport conditions and employee activities. Our geolocation logs give you access to data from the previous and current months for each of your vehicles, drivers and points of interest. Put those data to good use to develop your business!

These geolocation reports improve how you manage your business operations, for example, how you handle work schedules or overtime clocked. Is a point of interest far from your main site a frequent destination? Maybe you should consider opening another branch or warehouse nearby. Contact us to learn more about opportunities not to be missed and improve your productivity!

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