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At Ubiwan, we surround ourselves with reliable partners to offer you systems perfectly suited to your needs.


Ubiwan has set up a partnership with Onaya to facilitate the monitoring of your worksites and improve your equipment fleet management.

With the use of Ubiwan API’s, your machine and vehicle usage data are automatically uploaded into Onaya Web Report software! There’s no longer a need to report each machine’s usage times: everything is synchronised automatically.

  • – Make it easy to print out worksite/project reports
  • – Automate the pointing of your equipment fleet
  • – Consolidate your invoicing data

Get in touch with our marketing department to learn more!


Our partnership with Continental means you can simplify the downloading of labour and regulatory data from the trip-recorders on your semi-trailers.

With our DLD-II device connected to the trip-recorders on your semi-trailers, you gain more flexibility and manageability.

  • The regulatory data and driver’s log are automatically downloaded.
  • C1B data (from the driver’s log) and V1B data (from the vehicle) are fully secured by the use of the https protocol in accordance with the law.
  • – You can also obtain automatic data transfers to VDO/Continental’s TIS-Web® software.

We are your one-stop shop for questions about geolocation, fleet management and the handling of labour and regulatory data!

PTV Group

PTV Group offers a software package that will be your best friend if your line of business is transport, services or maintenance. It enables you to schedule and optimise the logistics of your routings by taking into account constraints due to vehicle properties, driver working hours, and client requirements. It also provides you with real-time monitoring of delivery, distribution and collection operations.

PTV and Ubiwan are thus innovating to offer you an efficient, simple to use and easy to install service that ensures your operating costs will go down and the quality of your service will go up!



The use of Infy Soft’s “Divalto” ERP means that order preparation data are centralised and then sent to Ubiwan Connect via an API. Your drivers’ route plans are thus fed directly into Ubiwan Drive and they are ready to go.

Route completion and delivery status data are then uploaded to Divalto, thus making your business operations and invoicing more efficient.


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