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We make every effort to find the device that suits your needs based on your fleet of vehicles and your area of business.

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In over more than 20 years, Ubiwan has acquired substantial experience in selecting transmission devices, robust and high-quality peripherals, and in co-designing devices that incorporate new technology. Whether for collecting and processing data from satellite positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS or Galiléo) or from sensors (vibration, temperature, etc.), or for optimising the transmission of that data to the platform, via GPRS or LoRa, we take special care to offer reliable, secure hardware and software solutions suited to each specific use.

Which Ubispot is right for you?  We can suggest the sensor best suited to your needs and your area of business. We will personally configure our sensors according to your needs, and they are update remotely without the need for any intervention on your part.

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