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Ubispot mini : The invisible 

Here is the ultra compact sensor useful for the protection of goods or people.

UBISPOT MINI : The invisible sensor

This device is very compact and fits into a pocket or a backpack! Wireless and rechargeable via USB, the Ubispot Mini is small enough to be used in the field, to secure a perimeter or a routing, and is thus an ideal mobile device for geolocating objects and persons.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions : 68.5 x 38.5 x 23.5 mm.
Leak-proofing  : partial (IPX5).
Power supply  : Independent Battery.
Battery life : 40 hrs in operation, 1 month in sleep mode. 1,300 mAh.
Data Collection : GSM, GPS, accelerometer, SOS button, etc.
Ubiwan Drive Compatible : No.
Temperature Option compatible : No.


Suitable for tracking pedestrians
Ideal for managing an outdoor grid (securing a perimeter, rescue teams, etc.)
Rechargeable via USB

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