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Make your commercial fleet management maximally efficient and enhance your staff’s performance in the field.

Real-time geolocation 



Discover our advantages !

Ubiwan offers you systems for geolocation and fleet monitoring.
You thus get the benefits of many advantages for managing your vehicles.

Make your trips maximally efficient

Reduce travel times, decrease your costs, and increase the number of your appointments with clients.

Become more competitive 

Enhance your geographic coverage and expand your areas of sales achieved.

Evaluate your staff

Analyse the performance of your sales staff using geo-intelligence and use your commercial fleet more effectively.

Become environmentally responsible

Reduce your employees’ environmental impact and become environmentally responsible.

Talk things over “in-house”

Communicate openly with your sales staff based on an overall view of your commercial fleet.

Be ready for delays

Be ready when your sales staff is late and forewarn your clients, thanks to the use of real-time geolocation.

They were successful with us !

Since 2008, in order to identify points of notable interest, we have been using operations reports and quick access to the locations and availability of our staff. Ubiwan’s systems enable us to reduce the distance travelled by trip planning, keep employees happy by better scheduling, and increase client satisfaction.

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Real-Time geolocation 

Our commercial fleet management system provides a real-time overview of your staff’s movements and business activity. That allows you to ensure the effectiveness of your staff in the field and make their scheduling maximally efficient. In addition, you can be foreseeing delays due to traffic conditions and thus forewarn your clients. Clients kept in the loop will be more welcoming to your sales representatives and your company’s image will be enhanced.



This application is a decision-making aid that enables you to adjust your targets for confirmed sales and make your commercial fleet management maximally effective. This application has 2 functional parts: Geomapping and Polarisation. Pick out your targets for confirmed sales and analyse your trip yield factors using geomapping. The polarisation function enables you to see the performance levels of your grid points and determine the most effective frequency of calls on clients. With Ubiwan, you can indeed manage your commercial fleet much better!

Make your trips maximally efficient, reduce costs and foresee delays using our real-time geolocation system.

Environnement-friendly driving

This commercial fleet management system enables you to analyse your sales staff’s driving habits and make them aware of proper practices. Safer, more responsible driving means you can not only reduce the risk of accidents, but also decrease the environmental effects. You can thus contribute to keeping your vehicles in good working order and boost cost savings on fuel use and maintenance.

Trips logs

By using our commercial fleet management system, you get complete, detailed reports based on business trip logs. In addition to helping, you arrange your business plan, this function enables you to precisely calculate allowances for distance travelled and transmit them to your company’s accounting department. Go all in for our commercial fleet management system!

Privacy Function 

Ubiwan has thought of everything! At the end of their work day, your business travellers can switch over to privacy mode by pressing a button located on their vehicle’s dashboard. Usage data will then no longer be transmitted to the server. Proper management of your commercial fleet depends on open communication with your staff on data reporting and their option to maintain their privacy.

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