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Geolocate your commercial vehicles, minimise your costs and make your staffing plans maximally efficient

Real-time geolocation 

Effective route assignements 

Driver identification

Discover all the functionalities!

Ubiwan offers you a geolocation and fleet tracking solution.
It offers you many advantages for the management of your vehicles.

Be ready
for delays

Meet operational deadlines, forewarn clients and enhance your company’s image.

Maximally efficient scheduling

Reduce travel times and increase the number of operations your drivers can perform.

Enhance customer satisfaction 

Increase the quality of your service, improve your image and minimise client legal claims.

– 15%

Obtain cost savings on vehicle use and reduce your fuel consumption by 15%.

Waste no more time

Reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks so you can devote yourself to your main line of business.

Talk things over “in-house”

Motivate your operations staff and make them more responsible by promoting open communication.

They were successful with us!

We will now have much more reliable data to calculate the true consumption of our vehicles. Up to now, we were using estimated consumption figures from on-board computers or external software packages. In practice, that hypothetical consumption is often way off the mark. By using vehicle trip logs, we will now have much more reliable data to calculate the true consumption of our vehicles.

Benoît Recourt

Fleet Assets Manager, Engie

Real-time geolocation

Make your route mappings maximally efficient based on the operating destinations and meet deadlines by using real-time geolocation of your vehicles. This advantage means your staff can spend less time on the road and more time on the job, and that you can take on more jobs. Geolocation of your commercial vehicles means you can forewarn clients of potential delays and keep them up to date on arrival times. Your service vehicle management thus helps improve your relationships with clients.

Trip logs 

Our commercial vehicle geolocation system gives you access to trip logs. You can thus keep tracking records of trips made. Mileage, arrival and departure times, utility vehicle geolocation enables you to certify the proper conduct of your drivers in the event of client legal claims. Geolocation of your commercial vehicles helps improve your customer service.

Make your commercial fleet management maximally efficient with Ubiwan. Reduce costs and increase your customer satisfaction!

Effective route assignments

Another function provided by commercial vehicle geolocation is effective route assignment among your employees. With Ubiwan, you can schedule routes based on where your employees are, whether they are delivery agents, roaming technicians, or others.

In addition, you can minimise trip rounds times and free up time for more destinations and operations. Having an overview of your technicians’ operations enables you to fairly assign work schedules.

Driver Identification

Driver identification can be easily done using a badge, enabling you, as the manager, to know who is at the wheel of every vehicle. If a driver forgets to identify himself, a buzzer will sound. He will thus have to identify himself before he can start the vehicle. This feature, provided by our geolocation system for your commercial vehicles, allows you to assess the driving habits of your employees, and especially to ensure your vehicles are used safely.

Environment-friendly driving


Our geolocation system for commercial vehicles is also designed for environment-friendly driving. The sensors installed on every vehicle enable you to detect good driving habits and display environment-friendly ratings for your drivers. Motivate your employees to adopt more environment-friendly driving habits, reduce your fuel consumption and your company’s carbon footprint. Driving more responsibly also helps reduce the number of accidents on the road. Become environmentally responsible by using geolocation for your commercial vehicles!

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