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Locate your assets and control your production processes using asset geolocation

The geolocation & monitoring of your assets 

Geofencing Operations & geofencing alerts

Discover all the functionalities !

Ubiwan offers you a geolocation and fleet tracking solution.
It offers you many advantages for the management of your vehicles.​

Go electronic with your production processes

Monitor your assets remotely using our asset geolocation system.

Communicate in-house

Work together with your staff thanks to a system that offers you comfort and autonomy.

Minimise costs

Reduce your expenses and cut production times using asset geolocation.

Be ready for delays 

Detect problems with your production process and be responsive to keep your lines up and running. 

Get an overview 

Watch an asset at each stage of its production and transport using container geolocation

Be notified 

Keep informed of any problems with the logistics flow or a defect in any of your assets.

They were successful with us !

As a true and devoted recycler, we are always looking for ways to improve our collection operations and to reduce our carbon footprint. Ubiwan’s expertise helps us make great strides in that respect.

Frédéric Farges

Assistant General Manager , Pena Group

Asset geolocation 

Geolocation of your assets enables you to watch your product at every stage of its production and transport, and to check whether the storage or transport conditions meet the client’s requirements. Ubiwan thus keeps you informed in real time of how production is progressing. That means you can also monitor and improve the performance of your employees by assessing the quality and speed of their actions.

Operations & Geofencing alerts

Geofencing alerts will notify you if your asset leaves a pre-set perimeter. Operations alerts enable you to be notified if there is an incident in your production process. If a product is absent or defective, regardless of the type of problem, that may shut down your production process. You are thus quickly notified if there is a problem. Our asset geolocation system offers you savings of time and money.

Locate your assets at any stage of their production. Improve your fleet management with Ubiwan.

Monitoring your assets

By using geolocation of your assets, you can log their positions and retrace production line down-times. That enables you to detect and head off production delays, and then forewarn clients that delivery times have to be extended. In addition, these detailed reports give you all the means to invoice the delays to any service providers in charge of your production.

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