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Real-time geolocation of your fleet

Get a Ubiwan system and geolocate your fleet in real time

Obtain an overview of your fleet 

Make travel times maximally efficient 

Foresee potential delays 

Make your travel times  maximally effcient and improve the quality of your service 

Our real-time geolocation system gives you many advantages. It enables you to obtain an overview of your vehicles’ operations, in real time. Analyse your drivers’ performance factors and driving habits and adapt your planning using real-time geolocation. Ubiwan helps you become more competitive and improve the quality of your service

Learn about our Ubiwan systems to make your fleet management maximally efficient


” Learn about our Ubiwan systems to make your fleet management maximally efficient “


« Geolocation & Fleet management pinpointed in the field »


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« Management & Maximally efficient use of construction site equipment »


« Geolocation of your construction equipment »

Discover the functional features of real-time geolocation​

Plan ahead

The ability to plan ahead is one of the key advantages of real-time geolocation. Knowing the exact location of your fleet vehicles enables you to calculate late arrival times and forewarn clients. Good client relations require open communication. To make things even easier, Ubiwan offers you Client ETA, a system that allows your clients to obtain a vehicle’s location in real time. Be a step ahead of clients’ queries and show you are responsive using Ubiwan!

Become maximally efficient

You can enhance your plans for trip rounds or your production process to obtain greater effectiveness and save time. Have the same employee go to nearby stops and minimise travel times. You can thus reduce the resources used, obtain cost savings, and increase the number of trips made in a single day. Become more highly competitive using our real-time geolocation system.

Have a virtual hand on the wheel 

Real-time geolocation also enables you to keep an eye on your drivers and ensure that their instructions are effectively followed. Check their performance factors and driving habits (trip times, type of driving, time for stops, etc.) to enable them to adjust and become more efficient. Ubiwan provides you with key data to adjust your plans. Real-time geolocation also allows you to identify thefts or fraudulent use of your vehicles.

Are you interested in real-time geolocation?

Make your fleet management maximally efficient using real-time geolocation.

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How does real-time geolocation work?

Our special sensors for utility vehicles and semi-trailer trucks transmit the exact locations of your vehicles in real time. Take advantage of our comprehensive, easy to use system to monitor the use of your vehicle fleet. Our real-time geolocation system will give you access to trip logs and detailed statistics to help guide your decision making. Time on the road, time stopped, arrival and departure times, points of interest, etc.,

You can obtain all of these data on your Ubiwan system. To check the location of a vehicle, select it from your list. You will thus be able to geolocate it in real time and see where it’s coming from. You also have access to a Trip Logs tab to see the route covered during the day or for a given period of time.

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