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Keep up to date on how your fleet of cars or machinery is used, by installing time alarm systems and geofencing. If one of your vehicles is used abnormally, you will immediately be informed by text or e-mail messages. Ensure your fleet is operated properly and limit vehicle theft by using geolocation alarm systems. Whether your company works in construction, transportation or services, you can make your fleet secure. Consider using Ubiwan geolocation alarm systems !

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Learn about our Ubiwan systems to make your fleet management maximally efficient

Alarm Systems usage

Our usage alarm systems provide you with a warning if a vehicle is used outside of specified times. If the geolocation sensor detects that the vehicle is being used outside of business hours, you will receive a notice by text and/or e-mail and quickly be able to locate it. Choose our geolocation system and be one step ahead on thefts

Down-time alarm systems

Would you like to detect delayed departures that cause late deliveries and tarnish your company’s image? Ubiwan has the solution. This alarm system informs you if the vehicle is not in use. If your machine or vehicle is not started at a set time, you will be notified immediately. Does your employee wake up on time? Installing a geolocation alarm system will enable you to head off delays and to quickly find a solution

  Geofencing alarm systems

A geolocation alarm system will notify you if your vehicle crosses a specified perimeter, whether it is entering or leaving a zone. That enables you to alert the delivery point of your vehicle’s arrival for purposes of loading or unloading its contents. It also enables you to detect more quickly any theft or abnormal use of the vehicle. If you are a company doing business in the transport or production sectors, contact Ubiwan to have geolocation alarm systems installed.

  Peripheral sensors

Our peripheral sensors provide customised solutions. These are special geolocation alarm systems customised to fit your needs. Do you want to be warned when the door on the refrigerated compartment of your vehicle is opened? Be notified when the door is opened and warn your driver. Tell us just what you need, and we will find the best solution suited to your company.

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How our alarm systems work 

Go to Ubiwan’s web site and get started setting up your geolocation alarm systems by setting the perimeters and usage times for your vehicles. Your fleet management data will be transmitted by the Ubispot sensors installed in your vehicles. You can set up an alarm system for all of your fleet or just one vehicle or a group of vehicles. You will thus be informed when the vehicles concerned are used outside the pre-set perimeter or hours via text or e-mail notifications. Maximise your fleet management by installing an Ubiwan system. 

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