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Ubispot 75

This wired sensor is much more than a GPS beacon!

UBISPOT 75 : The all-terrain device

This hard-wired sensor is the one most often installed by Ubiwan. It is connected out of sight to the battery, mass and post-ignition lines. Its uplinks more than 200 types of data on use of the vehicle, including engine idling, shut-downs, etc. It is also suited for use on light vehicles, utility vehicles, trailer trucks or heavy machinery.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions : 102 x 46 x 20.5 mm.
Leak-proof : Yes (IP67).
Power supply : Vehicle / Machine battery connection
Batttey life  : < 1 week, 1100 mAh.
Data Collection  : GSM, GPS, accelerometre…
Ubiwan Drive Compatible : oui.
Temperature Option compatible : No.



Real-time geolocation
Uplinking of driving incidents
Detection of engine idling and shut-downs
Out of sight and hard to reach, it resists deterioration

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