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Minimise costs and improve your commercial fleet management using our Ubiwan Trailer Trucks & Vehicles telematics 

Real-time geolocation 

Trip logs

Routing assignement 

Discover the advantages !

Ubiwan offers you a geolocation and fleet tracking solution.
It offers you many advantages for the management of your vehicles.

Minimise Costs

Minimise your costs for communication, administration and operation of your commercial fleet.

Make your trips maximally efficient 

Reduce travel times and distances travelled, and increase your productivity

Balance the load

Make your commercial fleet management maximally efficient and balance the work load fairly

Evaluate your employees

Analyse your drivers’ driving habits and make your commercial fleet management maximally efficient

Communicate in-house

Show appreciation to your drivers and make them more responsible by facilitating communication and by enhancing their awareness of the quality of the transport

Instil trust 

Improve your company’s image, enhance the quality of your service, and reduce legal problems with clients

They were successful with us !

We are presently seeing substantial time savings both in loading and in delivery. Tracking vehicle movements also gives you an accurate view of our estimated transport times. That enables us to reduce legal problems with clients since when know where and when a truck stopped at and left a work site.

Nicolas Chevaillier

Computer systems manager , Gedimat Farel-Clavel

Real-time geolocation 

Ubiwan’s commercial fleet management system gives you an overview of where your drivers are located. Real-time geolocation allows you to be responsive to your client’s demands. The client, too, can be informed in real time of the reasons for any eventual delays via Client ETA feature With 1 click, you can give your client access to the location of its delivery person. That leads to improved customer satisfaction and enhances your company’s image.

intérieur camion avec personne au volant

Trip logs

Our commercial fleet management system allows you to access a record of movements and keep track of operations completed, along with record of the transport conditions. Ubiwan enables you to know the distance covered, as well as the times and dates of departure and arrival. That data can be used to prove you are in compliance with your clients’ demands, and thus reduce legal problems. Improve your customer service based on the proper management of your commercial fleet!

Would you like to have the means to improve the quality of your deliveries?

Enhance your competitiveness and customer satisfaction with Ubiwan.

Environment-friendly driving

Thanks to the Ubiwan sensors installed in your vehicles, you get data on the driving habits of your drivers. You can thus motivate your employees to drive properly and to maintain the conditions required for transport of the merchandise. Our commercial fleet management system also allows you to see how many hours each of your employees has spent on the road and thus To show appreciation for their work and keep them safe. Proper driving habits means your drivers are safer and reduces your environmental impact.

Operations & Geofencing alarms

Keep informed of how your vehicles are used with our alarm system. The time alarms notify you if a vehicle is used outside of specified time frames. That enables you to ensure your commercial fleet is properly managed and to minimise theft. A geolocation alarm system will notify you if your vehicle crosses a specified perimeter, whether it is entering or leaving a zone. You are thus kept informed as a vehicle approaches a given destination. Make your loading and delivery times maximally efficient with Geofencing!

Routing assignement

Ubiwan’s commercial fleet management system helps improve how you manage your staff. Enhance your productivity by easily creating and assigning routes to your drivers, based on their travel times and geolocation. This feature enables you to distribute the work load fairly, minimise trips and increase your competitiveness.

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