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Make it easy to assign and manage routes and operations

Minimise the times required for your round-trips and divide up the work load evenly using our routing monitoring system.


Simplified routing assignements 

Remote management of opérations 

Monitoring of how operations are performed 

Efficiently assign routes and operations to your drivers 

By using our real-time geolocation system, routes and operations assignment becomes easy. Our routes and operations system enables you to assign routes and operations to your employees. With just a few clicks, you can computerise your employees’ itineraries and more easily schedule their operations and route instructions. Each driver will receive their itinerary on a smartphone or tablet via the Ubiwan Drive application and keep you informed in real time as their instructions are implemented. Manage your business operations efficiently and remotely using our routes and operations monitoring system.

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The advantages of routes and operations monitoring 

Itinerary instructions in electronic format 

No more routes and operations instructions in a thick bundle of paper. As a business operator, plan out all of your operations and deliveries using Ubiwan connect: place, date, details, deadlines, and send all the data to your drivers. A change of plans or last-minute run? Your driver will get all the updates in his Ubiwan Drive application.

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icône interconnexion Order queue

Do you have orders or operations still to be assigned? Using our “Order queue” function, you can quickly see any orders left to be attributed and assign them with a mere “drag-and-drop” action on Ubiwan Connect. By means of Ubiwan’s API’s, you can even link to your ERP or CRM and synchronise all or your orders. 

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Set up and assign routes and operations easily and efficiently using our user-friendly system. It provides you with an overview of the scheduling of your employees and you can distribute their work load fairly. In addition, you can ensure that routings and operations are done properly by means of our routing and operations system. Clear and open communication with your employees is key to effectiveness. 

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Real-time routes and operations monitoring 

Keep track of the in real time of how routes and operations are affected. Traffic jams, delays, operations under way or completed, your driver will keep you informed of their progress in real time. They can even send you photographic proof of delivery or signatures to show that operations have been effectively completed.

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Emmergency response times 

By using our Ubiwan system, you can keep up in real time with the locations of your drivers and monitor their completion of routings and operations. This program enables you to be responsive to client demands by sending them your employee who is closest to the destination. Our routings and operations system improves the quality of your service and thus client satisfaction. 

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Increase the number of your appointments and minimise costs using routing and operations monitoring.

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How does assignment and tracking work?

Our routing and operations system provides you with an overview of the scheduling of your employees and enables you to see which assignments have or have not been made already. Once a driver receives an assignment, they can accept or decline it. If they accept it, they will be guided to the meeting point. As a manager, you will be able to see the operations under way and follow their progress. Lastly, to ensure proper communication with your employees, you need to describe each route and operation in as much detail as possible. Your drivers will know the distance, deadlines and, obviously, the details of the routing and operation. They can thus intervene efficiently and flawlessly.

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