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The proper vehicle with the proper driver using driver identification

Identify the drivers of your vehicles and ensure they act responsibly with our driver identification kit to:​

Secure the use of your vehicles

Monitor the actions of your drivers 

Improve in-house communication 

Assign your vehicles to the right drivers 

Secure the use of your light and utility vehicles, or your semi-trailer trucks using driver identification. Our identification kit allows a driver to identify himself right after placing the key in the ignition, a good way to ensure it is started by the driver assigned to it!


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Discover the functional features of driver identification 

 Making drivers responsible

In addition to ensuring that your vehicles are used safely and securely, driver identification increases your employee’s sense of responsibility. Cleanliness, upkeep, or driving, having to identify themselves gets your drivers involve into the positive habit of taking care of their equipment, as if they were looking after their own cars!  By using driver identification, you will know when, and by whom, your vehicles are being used. Use Ubiwan to motivate and educate your drivers!

  Transparent communication

Ubiwan offers you a comprehensive, real-time view of your employees’ actions via our driver identification system. You can see the actions of each of your employees over a given period of time, even if they change vehicles during that time. You will know who drove which vehicle and when! Monitoring your employees’ activities is a good way to improve communication between you and your staff

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How driver identification works

Our driver identification kit includes 1 name badge, 1 badge reader and 1 buzzer. When a driver puts the key into the ignition, the buzzer will sound if he has not identified himself. Doing so is a simple procedure where he merely swipes his badge in front of the reader. You will thus have access to all the data on each driver.

An optional motor cut-off relay can also be installed to prevent the vehicle from being started without prior identification of the driver.

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