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Be ecological and ecological: go for environment-friendly driving

Obtain safer and more environment-friendly vehicle use with Ubiwan systems.

Lower your fuel consumption

Keep your  fleet in proper running order  

Reduce your CO2 emissions

Make your drivers ecologically aware

Ubiwan offers you an opportunity to make your drivers aware of responsible driving habits. Responsible driving means you can ensure driver safety and reduce your environmental impact. Motivate your employees to drive carefully by setting environmentally-responsible targets and rewarding drivers who meet them. Find entertaining ways to get your employees to drive properly using Ubiwan systems.

Learn about our Ubiwan systems to make your fleet management maximally efficient!


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The advantages of environment-friendly driving 


Driving at a steady speed and minimising accelerations help reduce fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance. This means that your budget for fuel and maintenance for your business vehicles will decrease with environment-friendly driving.


As a manager, one of your key priorities is the safety of your personnel. Our Ubiwan fleet management systems can help you. By getting your drivers to drive responsibly, you substantially reduce the risk of traffic accidents.  Go for environment-friendly driving and get safer driving.

Helping the environment 

This is a key advantage of environment-friendly driving. More responsible driving habits contribute to lower CO2 emissions and thus reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Your commitment to becoming environmentally responsible helps burnish your company image. 

Are you interested in environment-friendly vehicle use?

Would you like to have a fleet that is ecological and economical ? Go for environment-friendly vehicle use.

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How environment-friendly vehicle use works 

The sensors installed on your vehicles detect your drivers’ driving habits and transmit those data to our Ubiwan system. That gives you access to the details of your drivers’ driving habits. Run comparisons on those data and help your drivers become environmentally responsible. Get on board with Ubiwan, your new fleet management system.

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