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Get a construction site equipment monitoring program and enjoy the advantages of our geolocation system !

Geolocation & pointing of your heavy equipement

5-year device battery life 

Theft detection & Usage alarms 

Learn about the advantages of construction equipement monitoring 

Ubiwan offers you geolocation and fleet monitoring systems.
Our systems give you numerous advantages for your equipment fleet management.

– 17%

Obtain a 17% reduction in your costs for equipment fleet communications, administration and operations.

Automated assignments

Simplify the assignments of equipment to your various construction sites, which can now be done remotely.

Make invoicing easy

Using precise monitoring of usage times, you can provide your clients with more accurate invoices and reduce invoicing times.

Simplify pointing

Save time on construction equipment, monitoring and on pointing your machines.

Keeping your heavy equipment secure

You can more quickly detect thefts and improper uses by means of programmed alarms on your fleet.

Plan ahead for maintenance operations

Keep your vehicles in proper working order and schedule oil changes, tune-ups and overhauls.

They were successful with us!

Installing Ubiwan enabled us to recover € 6,000 in direct invoicing. Thanks to Ubiwan, we now have accurate, indisputable data on the use of each of our machines. Last week, for example, a client called us to stop their rental of a machine. After their call, we could see on the system that the machine was still in use. Before Ubiwan, we had no way of knowing and thus couldn’t invoice that use. But now, Ubiwan allows us to be much more accurate in our invoicing.

Christophe Cantrel

Rentals department,, Natural Tech

Geolocation of your heavy equipment 

Monitoring your construction equipment provides you with an overview of your equipment fleet and allows you to locate your equipment or machines at your work sites. Location, usage time, estimated cost, and usage logs are data that allow you to make the most effective use of your assets, reduce down-time and improve communication with your employees. Our construction site equipment monitoring program thus makes it easy to assign equipment to worksites

Theft detection & Usage alarms 

Ensure that your heavy equipment and machines are used safely and securely with our geofencing and usage alarm systems. You will be notified by text and/or e-mail messages in the event of abnormal use or unauthorised use outside a worksite perimeter. You get added protection from theft by the use of construction site equipment monitoring.

The right machine, at the right place and the right time. Improve your equipment fleet management with Ubiwan.

5-year device battery life

Your equipment’s locations and usage times are transmitted by our Ubispot 3 sensors. Tiny but robust, this device has a 5-year battery life, and is water-proof to a depth of 1 m and dust-resistant (IP 67). With Ubiwan, you get the most efficient means of monitoring your construction site equipment.

Pointing construction site equipment

Speed up the pointing of your construction site equipment and machines. With just one click, you can display a list of your heavy machinery, their locations and their usage time for each construction project. Thanks to our partnership with Onaya software, your equipment pointing data goes directly to Onaya Web Construction Site Reports. Monitoring construction site equipment has never been easier!

Maintenance logbook

By using the construction equipment monitoring systems deployed by Ubiwan, you received the data transmitted on the use of each piece of equipment in a detailed report. By monitoring your construction site equipment, you can keep up with vehicle usage times and oil changes to be scheduled, and receive notifications in the event of malfunctions so that you can schedule maintenance operations.

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