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Get the benefits of using a maintenance log book

Keep your vehicles in proper working order by scheduling and pointing maintenance operations.

Keep your fleet in proper running order 

Maximise maintenance cost savings 

Schedule & monitor maintenance operations

Improve your maintenance management

Using the maintenance log book, you can schedule, point and assess the cost of maintenance operations for each of your vehicles and pieces of machinery. Keep on top of oil changes and scheduled maintenance, or vehicle operating times, so you can plan ahead for maintenance.

In addition, you will be notified if one of your vehicles breaks down or malfunctions, which allows you to warn your employees and show you are quick to respond in finding a solution.


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What’s to be gained from using the maintenance log book?

  Keep your fleet in proper running order 

For your vehicles to remain in top operating condition, they have to undergo regular maintenance operations. That enables you to have efficient, reliable vehicles over the long term, and it reassures your employees. By using the maintenance log book, you can keep your vehicles in good operating condition and your employees safe on the road

Schedule your maintenance operations 

Our maintenance log book allows you to schedule maintenance ahead of time and improve the administration of your fleet. You thus get an accurate view of the maintenance operations done and of those still to be done. You can thus give priority to vehicles with a problem or a defect that would put the driver at risk

Minimise your maintenance costs

Oil changes, tune-ups, regulatory inspections, etc. Keeping your vehicles properly on the road is expensive. With Ubiwan’s maintenance log book, you can keep on top of the condition of your vehicles base on their usage, and have your maintenance operations done accordingly. That allows you to have maintenance done only when necessary and keep costs down

Interested in the benefits of a maintenance log book?

Keep on top of the condition of your vehicles and schedule your maintenance operations accordingly using Ubiwan.
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How does our maintenance log book work? 

Using the fleet monitoring systems deployed by Ubiwan, your vehicle and heavy machinery usage data are reproduced in detailed reports. By monitoring the use of your construction site equipment, you can keep up with vehicle usage times, oil changes to be scheduled, and be notified when there are problems. Our maintenance log book allows you to schedule maintenance operations based on the data collected on each of your vehicles

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