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Ubispot 3 : The robust

Discover our autonomous sensor designed for construction machinery and equipment.

UBISPOT 3 : The robust device

This is an especially robust device designed for use with construction site heavy machinery and equipment! It runs entirely on its own power supply, and required no recharging or power cord connection. Geolocate your equipment and keep track of down-times using this reliable and proven sensor.

Technical characteristics​

Dimensions : 90 x 65 x 35 mm.
Leak-proof : Yes (IP67/69K).
Power Supply : Self-contained battery
Battery life : 5 years, 6,000 mAh.
Data Collection  : GSM, GPS, LoRa, accelerometre, magnetometre, etc.
Compatibilité Ubiwan Driv Compatible : No.
Temperature Option compatible: Yes.


2018 Intermat Prize
Made In France
Leak-proofing :  IP 67
Ideal for Equipement & heavy machinery

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