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Go for our privacy option 

By using our Privacy option, your employees can deactivate the uploading of geolocation data when they are driving outside of normal business hours.

Protection of your employees’privacy

Enhancement of a climate of confidence 

Improvement in your staff management 

Preserve your employees’ privacy 

Ubiwan offers you the perfect means to create a climate of confidence between you and your employees: our Privacy option. This function offers drivers the option to personally activate of de-activate the monitoring of their vehicle using a button on the dashboard. This will please all of your employees who also use their business vehicles for personal driving. You will thus have access to geolocation data only during normal business hours.


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Show respect for your employees’ privacy and create a true climate of confidence with them thanks to Ubiwan.

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How the Privacy option works ?

Activating the Privacy option is easy. At the end of their work day, on their lunch break, a driver can press the Privacy button on the dashboard of their vehicle. The location data on their driving will then no longer be sent to the system. To re-activate data transmissions, they will have to press the button again. This function reassures your employees that their privacy is kept confidential.

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