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Ubispot OBD

Easy to install, this sensor allows you to benefit from real-time geolocation.

UBISPOT OBD : The practical one

Connected to the diagnostic port on your vehicle or utility vehicle, it allows you to geolocate your vehicles in real time! The driver can install it himself, so there are no complicated installation procedures and it is well suited to rental or leased vehicles.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions : 44.5 x 48.9 x 26.6 mm.
Leak-proof : No.
Power supply  : Vehicle / Machine battery connection
Batttery life : < 1 week, 250 mAh.
Data collection : GSM, GPS, accelerometre, OBDII, etc.
Ubiwan Drive Compatible : non.
Temperature Option Compatible : non.


Real-time geolocation
Easy for the driver to install himself
Suited to rental or leased vehicles

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