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Geointelligence, a commercial fleet management system

Monitor performance levels in the field and plan out your growth!

Analyse trip factors 

Optimise the use of your commercial fleet

Adjust your targets for confirmed sales

Make your commercial fleet management maximally efficient! 

In addition to being a decision-making assistance tool, Geointelligence is your ace-in-the-hole for commercial fleet management. A product of Ubiwan’s geomatics expertise, Geointelligence enables you to adjust your targets for confirmed sales and make your commercial fleet management maximally effective. Manage your employees in the field and direct your growth more effectively.

Keep up to date on the results of your sales and marketing staff in a client prospecting area and on new market opportunities by using Geoanalysis.

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“The basic essentials of geolocation starting at € 9.90”


« Geolocation & Fleet management pinpointed in the field »


« The offering preferred by transporters and by services and maintenance companies »


« Management & Maximally efficient use of construction site equipment »


« Geolocation of your construction equipment »

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  • Discover the boundaries of your area of influence
  • Administer your client prospection zone
  • Identify your targets for confirmed sales
  • Analyse trip factors


  • Determine the most effective number of calls on clients
  • Analyse the allocation of your ressources
  • Display the results of your gridding
  • Adjust your strategy for the field

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How does Geointelligence work ?

You manage a commercial fleet and are looking for a program to make your fleet management maximally efficient. Discover how our decision-making analysis tool works.

Using your trip logs, you have an overview of the area covered by the vehicles in your fleet(s) or by a specific department: the number of stops made, mileage, or penetration into a geographic perimeter. These data can be analyses and then modelled. It is up to you to use them to better manage your commercial fleet !

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Grid analysis helps you view the size of the areas covered by vehicles you select. Improving your commercial fleet management becomes possible using Geoanalysis. Compliance with a pre-defined marketing or delivery sector, hot spots, prospects to be won over, or the identification of sterile areas: grid analysis serves to reveal the geographic footprint of your company’s business operations and to better organise your directions of growth.

Polarisation analysis is also a key indicator in managing your fleet. In practice, it enables you to know the exact number of calls made by a set of vehicles in specific places. It thus serves to measure the relevance of your gridding or to manage marketing intensity in a given area of sales or prospecting.

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