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Get all the advantages of fleet management with Ubiwan

Monitor the operation of your vehicles easily and remotely using our fleet monitoring system for

Automation of administrative tasks 

Assessment of driving habits 

Improvement in the quality of your service 

Improve your fleet management and reduce costs

Monitoring your fleet is made possible by installing Ubispot sensors on your vehicles and provide real-time geolocation of each vehicle, thus enabling you to process and use the data collected. Fleet monitoring thus makes it possible, as the manager of your fleet of automobiles, to interact with your vehicles.

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Discover the functional features of fleet monitoring 

Optimisation des tâches Making task performance maximally efficient

Our Ubiwan system provides you with substantial time savings. By using fleet monitoring, you can track your vehicles remotely and electronically on our clear, easy-to-use platform. You will both spend less time on administrative tasks by automating them, and reduce the time spent with clients on the phone, because you can tell them when your driver will arrive.

Managing your drivers

Our fleet monitoring system allows you to make your drivers drive more safely and responsibly. In fact, you have access to their driving data and can assess their driving habits, and thus make them more aware of what environment-friendly driving means. In addition, you know where they are in real time and can communicate with them clearly and openly

Cost savings

Reducing trip times and ensuring safer driving habits are adopted help reduce fuel consumption. In addition, your vehicles are kept in good shape and there is less demand on your maintenance budget. By using our fleet monitoring system, you get access to comprehensive fleet monitoring that serves to simultaneously reduce the mileage driven, cut expenses, maximise profits and make decisions more quickly. Choose our fleet monitoring system and save time and money!

Improvement of your company image

By using fleet monitoring, assignments will be carried out more efficiently and under better conditions. A client who receives better service is a more satisfied client and one likely to place even more trust in the service provider. Your relationship with the client cannot help but improve and that will have positive outcomes for both your company and its reputation. Your drivers will thus be better received by your clients and you will reduce the risk of legal problems. 

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How fleet managment works

Fleet management is done by installing intelligent trackers on your vehicles. This allows you to give your drivers indications, keep in contact in real time and at all times be informed of the condition and location of your vehicles. These trackers then serve to transmit indications between managers and drivers. All of the data provided from your vehicles are then sent to our Ubiwan Connect system, which provides you with detailed reports.  ​

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