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Improve your fleet management and make your clients responsible using geolocation of your touring vehicles.

Real-time geolocation of your touring vehicles

Trips logs

Geofencing alarms 

Discover the advantages !

Ubiwan offers you a geolocation and fleet tracking solution.
It offers you many advantages for the management of your vehicles.

Boost your business operations

Increase the number of your daily round-trips by having an overview of your fleet of vehicles.

Make your management maximally effective

Improve your management of clients’ departures and returns, and keep informed about any eventual delays.

Install compliance

Make your clients responsible and limit their exceeding authorised perimeters. Your clients undertake to follow the rules. 

Reassure your clients

Keep your clients safe.You can see their locations in real time and provide them with assistance, as needed.

Regain their trust

Communicate clearly and openly, and minimise legal claims with your clients using geolocation logs.


Be notified

Be notified of any illicit use of your vehicles outside of your company’s business hours.

They were successful with us!

As a true and devoted recycler, we are always looking for ways to improve our collection operations and to reduce our carbon footprint. Ubiwan’s expertise helps us make great strides in that respect.

Frédéric Farges

Assistant General Manager , Pena Group

Real-Time Geolocation 

Geolocation of your touring vehicles enables you to see where they are in real time. You can thus ensure that they keep within authorised limits to avoid legal problems. In addition, this will reassure your clients. In practice, you are kept informed of the locations of your touring vehicles, thus making it easy to intervene and provide assistance, as needed. Furthermore, it enables you to more efficiently manage client departures and returns, and be notified of any eventual late arrivals.

Véhicules de loisirs quad et motocross
historique de déplacement jet ski

Trips logs 

This function gives you access to comprehensive, detailed reports on the movements of each of your vehicles over a given period of time. A trip log tracks the itinerary used by your clients. Thus, if they have exceeded the authorised travel perimeter, you will have proof and the client will not be able to argue otherwise. Minimise legal problems with clients with real-time geolocation of your touring vehicles.

Geolocate your touring vehicles using our Ubiwan system!

Geofencing alarms

The use of geofencing alarms enables you to keep your fleet safe and secure. In practice, if one of your vehicles leaves the authorised perimeter, you will immediately be notified. You will also be immediately warned of improper use of your vehicles outside of your company’s business hours. Go for our Ubiwan system use geolocation of your tourism vehicles to minimise thefts.

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