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Temperature monitoring

Meet your clients’ requirements and show that you comply with their transport conditions using temperature tracking

Control health risks

Reduce legal problems with clients 

Improve your company’s image 

Prove your compliance with temperature monitoring

Our geolocation system allows you to track temperatures, in real time, during the transport of products, as well as to have access to a log of temperature changes during the trip. You can thus meet your clients’ needs in terms of transport conditions and prove that you have properly implemented their requests. Our temperature tracking system allows you to control health risks and limit legal problems with clients

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Discover the funtional features of temperature tracking

Control of health risks 

Our temperature tracking program is suited to the transport of fresh products that require the cold chain to be uninterrupted. With temperature tracking, you have no more worries: you are kept informed if and when the temperature of the merchandise exceeds the stipulated limit. The transporter no longer needs to worry and the products remain compliant with the requirements in terms of health and safety.

Fewer legal problems with clients

By using our temperature tracking system, you get clear, detailed reports on the recorded temperatures of the products transported during the entire trip. This is proof of the trustworthiness of your transporters. The client can no longer question their word, and you thus reduce the risk of legal problems and improve your company image.  

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How temperature tracking works

The temperature tracking system uses a special temperature sensor installed in the refrigerated compartment. It checks, and reports in real time, the temperature at which the merchandise is transported. You can obtain all of these data on our Ubiwan Connect system. Our system thus enables you to check the loading temperature of the vehicle in real time in the “Other information” section based on the vehicle selected. In the tracking log, you can also analyse changes in the temperature.

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