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Ubispot 41

Optimized for temperature monitoring, this sensor is ideal for your fresh produce deliveries.

UBISPOT 41 : The flexible devise

This is the ideal device if your fleet has refrigerated compartments! Using Ubispot 41, you can geolocate vehicles (utility vehicles, trucks, trailer trucks) and perform real-time monitoring of your cold compartments. It is ideal for ensuring your deliveries of fresh products and providing traceability to each of your clients.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions :73 x 54.5 x 25.5 mm.
Leak-proofing  : minimal (IP31).
Power supply : Vehicle/Machine battery connection
Battery life : < 1 week, 1000 mAh.
Data Collection  : GSM, GPS, accelerometre…
Ubiwan Drive Compatible : Yes.
Temperature Option compatible : Yes.


Real-time geolocation
Easy for the driver to install himself
Suited to rental or leased vehicles

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